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North Dakota’s Wealthiest Man, Gary Tharaldson, a True Rags to Riches Story

Public and media invited to University of Mary Press launch of Gary Tharaldson book: “Open Secrets of Success” Tuesday, January 23, 4:30 p.m. in Chick’s Place on campus   BISMARCK, ND — Anyone privileged to know Gary Tharaldson would know he is North Dakota through and through. Born to a rural family with a large garden, some dairy cows and no personal transportation, he and his family lived day-to-day doing what they needed to do to survive. And like so many small town kids, he turned to sports as an outlet—which for Gary would teach him about overcoming limitations...

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White House Invites University of Mary Students to Rose Garden

BISMARCK, ND — Today, 20 University of Mary students from Bismarck, ND, will be special guests of the president of the United States in the Rose Garden—the traditional staging ground for major policy announcements and diplomatic receptions—as he addresses, via satellite, hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers at the March for Life event in D.C. Testament to their courage and devotion to this movement, this is the third year in a row that the University of Mary in Bismarck has garnered the national spotlight at the world’s largest pro-life event that gives witness to and celebrates the dignity of human...

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University of Mary Student Invited to Meet Vice President Mike Pence — Again

BISMARCK, ND — Katrina Gallic’s ethics teacher, Scott Cleveland, PhD, had just posed the topic of discussion for class: Is “good” subjective or objective and what are the following consequences to that answer? Then, Tuesday at about 12:15 p.m. her iPhone vibrated with an incoming email. “March for Life Reception with Vice President Pence,” it said in her inbox. Could this be spam mail? “No, it looked real,” Gallic said, a senior marketing major at the University of Mary, with minors in philosophy and Catholic studies. After last year’s March [for Life incident], I don’t assume these things are...

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University of Mary Part of 12 Charter Buses in North Dakota Convoy to March For Life

BISMARCK, ND — Over 600 people in 12 charter buses from the University of Mary and other organizations representing Catholic education throughout North Dakota are just hours away from taking to the streets of Washington, DC, at the 45th Annual March for Life Friday, January 19, themed Love Saves Lives. While they’ll be arm-in-arm with pro-lifers from across the state, nearly 200 students, faculty, staff and University of Mary President Monsignor James Shea will be armed with banners, signs, chants and a whole lot of pride and honor taking part in what has become the event of the year...

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Martin Luther King Day Presentations on Campus Cancelled for today and tomorrow

BISMARCK, ND — Our featured speaker for Martin Luther King Day today, Albert Raboteau, PhD, has become ill with Bronchitis and will not be able to present for the scheduled Grounds for Belief lecture series Tuesday evening. However, esteemed scholar and University of Mary Director of the Saint John Paul II Center for University Ministry, Peter Huff, PhD, will stand-in for Raboteau this evening at 7 p.m. inside Trinity Lutheran Church for a presentation. University Ministry is making efforts to have Raboteau on campus at a later date. True to its motto “lumen vitae”—the light of life—the University of Mary...

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