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College and Career Readiness In the Global World

Leading students to success in contemporary careers and workplaces will require educators to utilize evidence-based practices from high-performing schools in the United States and around the globe Brenda Werner, PhD | Director of Graduate Education, University of Mary >> Download a PDF version of this article Last summer, I visited schools in China as the culmination of the National Education Association Foundation’s 2014 Global Fellowship Program. There were 29 other Fellows, all teachers at the K-12 or university level in public and private schools nationwide. Prior to the 6,000-mile trip across the Pacific Ocean, we began learning online about China’s culture and education system, and we met...

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TV Show ‘Shark Tank’ Ready to be Riveted by University of Mary Business Alumna

Her big dreams, pride in American-made products and passion for supporting our troops have helped sew a money-making business partnership BISMARCK, ND  — On April 5, 2004, University of Mary freshmen Lisa (Dobbs) Bradley (Columbus, MT), and Lori (Petoske) Yunker (Midland, SD), wowed a panel of five judges with their can-do spirit, business plan and entrepreneurial idea of Distex. They won first place after presenting their feminine hygiene disposable product at University of Mary’s popular Entrepreneurship Fair, or E-Fair — part of the Harold Schafer Emerging Leaders Academy at the Gary Tharaldson School of Business. A daylong event where students, some in teams,...

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University of Mary Remembers the ‘Bloody Sunday’ Massacre 44 Years to the Day

A comprehensive perspective from a former British serviceman and students from Northern Ireland   BISMARCK, ND — “There’s many lost, but tell me who has won/The trench is dug within our hearts/And mothers, children, brothers, sisters torn apart,” are few of the angry words written by The Edge of the Dublin, Ireland, rock band U2 and famously portrayed in song by the group’s lead vocalist Bono during their War album’s opening track called “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” The Bloody Sunday mentioned in the track refers to the massacre in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland, on January 30, 1972. British soldiers shot...

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