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Where the Boys Are(n’t)

Alarming Trends in Male College Outcomes By Brenda Werner, PhD Graduate Education Chair, University of Mary In North Dakota, as in other rural states, there is a severe shortage of math and science teachers. As a university education professor, I recently applied for a grant to support preparing education students to teach math and science in high-needs schools. One criteria I was asked to address on the application form was how to draw females more effectively into the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) field. Often, grant money goes to programs designed to give girls a leg up. But...

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Educating Students in Poverty

A Systemic Approach to Building a Culture of Success By Brenda Werner, PhD | Graduate Education Chair, University of Mary We have long known the profound impact that socioeconomic conditions have on academic performance. A half-century of research shows that children living in poverty make up the largest portion of underachieving students at all grade levels. Family income and structure are still the top predictors of academic outcomes. Test scores and high-school graduation rates are significantly lower for children of the poor. As well, post-secondary performance is negatively affected—and this trend usually repeats in succeeding generations. Changes in family...

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