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North Dakota’s New Thought-Provoking Magazine on the Northern Great Plains

The University of Mary Press debuts its new publication, 360 Review magazine, a high-quality coffee table read for people of all interests   BISMARCK, ND — Don’t let his eastern background, his Irish name, or, even that hint of a Canadian accent fool you. More than anything, being an “outsider” should probably be regarded as a prerequisite, rather than a barrier, to being the editor-in-chief of a magazine that presents in-depth content about the Northern Great Plains. Patrick McCloskey is that person behind the new 360 Review magazine released today by the University of Mary Press, in Bismarck. “But Canada lies just...

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Energy Illustrated

The first edition of 360 Review begins with a two-page illustration showing the importance of various energy sources to North Dakota and the tremendous impact the shale oil revolution in the Bakken is having on the state’s economy and job market. Revenue streams from oil production, for example, increased from $4.5 to $38.56 billion from 2005 to 2013. The number of jobs (both primary and secondary employment) created by the petroleum industry in North Dakota increased from 27,571 to 81,540 in 2013. Although the oil prices remain low, oil production remains high. There have been many layoffs in the...

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