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University of Mary Offers a New Cyber Security Program

New concentration will help provide highly trained and sought-after graduates for the largest growing job sector in America – computer networking and programming   BISMARCK, ND — Some would compare them to mad scientists. They enter the laboratory at dusk and leave under the cover of darkness. Surprisingly, they have no textbooks, no calculators and no manuals of any sort. They come to their computer lab armed with only the clothing on their back, a geeky knowledge of the techie language, or code, that not many people can comprehend, and — a growing passion to stop cybercrime in its tracks. They’re seniors Andrew Dubiel, Colorado Springs, CO; Lance Pfliger, Hazen, ND; and Bryan Zastoupil, Bismarck, ND; — three computer wiz kids at the University of Mary who continually hunger for knowledge in security. In 2013, during the days of the Target credit card breach and the largest retail hack in U.S. history, these three took it upon one another to teach themselves programming and cyber security before the university even had an instructor for a class. “The Sony hack really opened our eyes to the seriousness of cyber security,” commented Dubiel. “When Target was hacked it really motivated us to think and implement security.” Their patience and persistence began to pay off a short time later as Jennifer Fennewald, a former manager for IBM’s security team with over 14 years experience,...

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University of Mary Launches Master of Public Administration Program

New Degree Offering Targeted at Growing Need for Public Sector Employees Bismarck, ND — With an eye squarely on the changing demographic of public sector employment in North Dakota and throughout the nation the University of Mary announced that starting January 2016, it is offering a new Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. According to University of Mary President, Monsignor James Shea the Master of Public Administration program could not be better timed. “Public service is a hallmark of northern plains states and the United States as a whole. At the center of our rich and growing heritage, from the earliest confederation of native American tribes to the assemblies of immigrants who gave rise to the United States, are leaders who dedicated their lives and careers to the service of the common good,” stated Shea. “With large numbers of public sector employees set to retire in the next five to seven years it’s imperative we educate and prepare the next generation of leaders to serve and guide us in the public square in the decades to come.” Offered through the Gary Tharaldson School of Business, the University of Mary’s Master of Public Administration program not only reflects changing employment trends but is also modeled to fit the most pressing leadership needs and wants in the public sector today—including optional concentrations in a variety of fields such as Project Management,...

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Mary’s Second Annual Day of Service One of the Largest Service Events in ND

Close to 1,000 students participating, nearly doubling last year’s number   BISMARCK, ND — As part of the new Vision 2030 Campaign, University of Mary’s student body recommitted itself to becoming servant leaders of moral courage, providing a culture grounded in service, fostering a great capacity to pour themselves out in loving service to others. The new, campus wide Day of Service campaign that began in 2014 answers that pledge. Serving others is a big part of the University of Mary’s mission since being founded in 1959 by the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery. Mary’s students take part in hundreds of service projects every year — from helping with homeless shelters in North Dakota to providing medical assistance in Guatemala. By all accounts last year’s inaugural event was a huge success and the second annual expects to be bigger than ever. “I witnessed first-hand the impact this wonderful event had last year, not only on the people we served, but also on my classmates,” commented University of Mary Student Body President Liv Stromme and coordinator for the event. “The joy of giving is a lifelong lesson that we live outside the classroom. The most significant opportunity is for these experiences to create a deep sense of community while assisting students in developing their hearts and life skills so it becomes a lifestyle of service.” Nearly 1,000 Mary students are volunteering...

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University of Mary Campaign Will Reshape Campus and Enrich our Students

  Vision 2030 Capital Campaign to raise $272 million for New Programs and Facilities BISMARCK, ND — As students began their walk to early morning class and the sun’s rays filtered through the fog casting an orange hue over campus from the eastern horizon on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015, a thunderous pounding by a backhoe could be heard, putting an exclamation mark on the start of what will be a $272 million capital campaign at the University of Mary. Mary President Monsignor James Shea publicly announced the new and historic strategic plan at a press conference today, Monday, October 19, 2015. He stated the new Vision 2030 Campaign, the largest in the school’s history, spans the next 15 years over three phases and will not only markedly transform the look of campus, but just as importantly bring “distinction, service and relationships to our students and graduates, so they can live fully and live well with the insights necessary to be leaders in their workplace and community.” Shea added that as Bismarck-Mandan and the surrounding areas in North Dakota continue to grow, so does the University of Mary as it welcomes more and more students from the region and around the world. “After two years of consulting and engaging our founding Sisters, alumni, faculty, administration, community members, students, parents, donors and trustees, we feel this is a collective vision for...

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University of Mary Launches New MBA in Virtuous Leadership

New program modeled in partnership with world-renowned author Alexandre Havard BISMARCK, ND — What is virtuous leadership? At the University of Mary, leadership is about more than theories, charts and balance sheets. It’s about the strength of character and the virtues that define an individual as a person and business leader. Today’s world is begging for faithful business leaders. A businessperson doesn’t just leave his Catholic, Christian convictions at the front door when walking into work in the morning. Virtue has been talked about for centuries but has fallen out of fashion in the modern world. Such luminaries as Aristotle, St. Paul, and St. Thomas Aquinas all taught that the human person is made for greatness — a greatness of soul or what we call the virtue of magnanimity. That’s why the University of Mary, together with the Havard Virtuous Leadership Institute, is offering education in virtuous leadership through graduate-level study in the University of Mary’s Gary Tharaldson School of Business. The University of Mary joins acclaimed author and speaker Alexandre Havard in his belief that virtue and leadership do not come naturally but arise from the formation of character for excellence, and that such formation is vital for personal and professional growth and success. Virtuous leadership is life-changing. Witnessed to by staggering fluctuations in the Dow Jones industrial average, government bailouts and subsequent economic collapse in 2008, today’s business...

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