STEELE, ND — BEK Communications is launching the new BEK Broadcasting Network, in partnership with the University of Mary, to lead the region in production and distribution of prime North Dakota entertainment and content. The new network is a byproduct of the recently announced and nearly constructed broadcasting studios headquartered on the University of Mary campus.

BEK-Broadcasting-logoThe BEK Broadcasting Network, with the help of Mary communications students working with state-of-the-art high definition television equipment, will deliver two new content channels from the studios at the University of Mary — BEK Prime and BEK 247.

“We’re excited for our current communication students and those that will be attending Mary in the future to experience this innovative technology as they bring the new BEK Broadcasting Network programing into the homes of thousands of North Dakota residents,” said Marek Dojs (Doyce) assistant professor of communications in the School of Arts and Sciences at Mary. “Our students will start getting their hands-on experience in the coming weeks as the studios come to a completion.”

BEK Prime content will be available statewide in western North Dakota on the Heroes and Icons network KNDB Ch-26/KNDM Ch-24 and in eastern North Dakota on CoziTV KRDK Ch-4.

The BEK 247 channel (previously BEK Sports channel) will be available throughout North Dakota on cable affiliates and over-the-air on KNDB Ch-26.2 in Bismarck and KNDM Ch-24.2 in Minot and KRDK Ch-4.2 in Fargo/Grand Forks.

“Now the fun is about to escalate,” stated Derrick Bulawa, general manager at BEK Communications. “Things are going to get really exciting for thousands of viewers across this great state of North Dakota.”

Viewers can expect to see special events, exciting athletic and nonathletic competitions and compelling activities from around the state delivered by the BEK Broadcasting Network.

The new network will be the only North Dakota owned broadcasting company and its prime North Dakota content genres will attract attention and engage viewers of all ages and interests.

Additionally, BEK Prime and BEK 247 will be available nationally. Viewers from across the nation can enjoy this elite content with BEK NOW on the ROKU streaming device.

For nine years local communities in rural North Dakota have tuned into the former BEK Sports channel to watch over 1,300 primarily live local sporting events.