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Will the Frankenburger Devour the Beef Industry?

Lab-grown beef doesn’t taste great yet and it’s very expensive to produce. But with the support of major funders, such as a Google co-founder, scientists might change that soon. Josh Schonwald | Author and journalist >> Click here to view a PDF version of this article. In London two years ago, I took part in one of the most surreal and expensive taste tests in human history. No, I didn’t eat a black Périgord truffle seasoned with gold or a bowl of beluga caviar. With 200 journalists and several hulking cameras staring at me, I was one of the two people...

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North Dakota’s New Thought-Provoking Magazine on the Northern Great Plains

The University of Mary Press debuts its new publication, 360 Review magazine, a high-quality coffee table read for people of all interests   BISMARCK, ND — Don’t let his eastern background, his Irish name, or, even that hint of a Canadian accent fool you. More than anything, being an “outsider” should probably be regarded as a prerequisite, rather than a barrier, to being the editor-in-chief of a magazine that presents in-depth content about the Northern Great Plains. Patrick McCloskey is that person behind the new 360 Review magazine released today by the University of Mary Press, in Bismarck. “But Canada lies just...

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