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Warriors’ Last Stand

Little Bighorn Survivors & the Miller Collection Jerry Anderson, Art Director, University of Mary Patrick J. McCloskey, Author, Editor-in-Chief, 360 Review The Battle of the Little Bighorn has fascinated historians, military strategists, writers and readers since the afternoon of June 25, 1876 in southern Montana, when Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and his men died. Decades later, David Humphreys Miller was growing up in a family of artists in small-town Ohio. He discovered that Custer also grew up in Ohio and became intrigued by the general’s mystique. Miller read everything he could find about Custer’s Last Stand. At 16...

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Educating Students in Poverty

A Systemic Approach to Building a Culture of Success By Brenda Werner, PhD | Graduate Education Chair, University of Mary We have long known the profound impact that socioeconomic conditions have on academic performance. A half-century of research shows that children living in poverty make up the largest portion of underachieving students at all grade levels. Family income and structure are still the top predictors of academic outcomes. Test scores and high-school graduation rates are significantly lower for children of the poor. As well, post-secondary performance is negatively affected—and this trend usually repeats in succeeding generations. Changes in family...

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