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Democracy in the Time of Choleric

Interview with In the age of group-think and deep political division nationwide that characterized the recent presidential election and its aftermath, any project aimed at finding common ground seems doomed. Yet what could be more important as the country faces critical domestic and foreign challenges going forward? This call is being answered via an online platform,, which facilitates voter participation in crafting proposals, co-authored by experts from both sides of the political aisle. Writing in the Christian Science Monitor last June, Michael Gerzon highlighted as a leading innovator in Civic Tech 3.0’s “touchscreen democracy,” which “turns...

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Shale Wars

Oil Prices and Saudi Arabia’s Big Bet By Mark P. Mills, Author, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute & Faculty Fellow, Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering So far it has cost Saudi Arabia something like $200 billion to undertake one of the most expensive experiments of all time. The Saudi government has been draining its massive $2 trillion sovereign wealth fund to cover revenues lost from the petroleum price collapse over the past couple of years. When I first started paying $4 for a gallon of gas, I thought I was getting better gas. – Stephen Colbert What we’re witnessing...

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