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Through a Crystal Ball Darkly: The Economics of Oil Prices

The steep decline in oil prices since mid-2014 and current volatility fuel intense speculation about future prices. Although desirable, is it possible to predict oil prices? Slavisa Tasic, PhD | Author & Associate Professor of Economics, University of Mary >> View a PDF version of this article “But gentlemen, it is all so infinitely complicated.” This favorite phrase of Gustav Schmoller, a 19th-century German economist, applies to many economic situations—especially predictions. While I would be the first to admit that physicists are smarter than economists, I would also say that economics is more difficult. In the natural sciences, there are constants, measurable variables and experiments to...

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North Dakota’s New Thought-Provoking Magazine on the Northern Great Plains

The University of Mary Press debuts its new publication, 360 Review magazine, a high-quality coffee table read for people of all interests   BISMARCK, ND — Don’t let his eastern background, his Irish name, or, even that hint of a Canadian accent fool you. More than anything, being an “outsider” should probably be regarded as a prerequisite, rather than a barrier, to being the editor-in-chief of a magazine that presents in-depth content about the Northern Great Plains. Patrick McCloskey is that person behind the new 360 Review magazine released today by the University of Mary Press, in Bismarck. “But Canada lies just...

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