BISMARCK, ND — Exciting times continue for students and faculty at the University of Mary’s Rome campus. This morning, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015, they had front row seats to Pope Francis’ weekly general audience.Rome Students Rosaries Blessed Web

The Holy Father not only stopped in front of the group of Mary students to bless their rosaries, but they also kissed baby Therese Schulzetenberg. She is the daughter of Thomas Schulzetenberg, director of the university’s Rome campus. The Catholic News Agency (CNA) provided these photos and video.

“It was a special moment,” commented an excited Schulzetenberg through email.

It was an appropriate setting as Pope Francis talked about the innocence of the child.

“Woe to they who betray the trust of children,” he said. “We should never injure a child’s ‘spontaneous trust’ in God. A child is ready at birth to feel God’s love.”

The students are in Rome for the entire fall semester. The popular program began in 2010 and continues to be a life-changing experience that provides numerous opportunities for students who go to Mary from all over the United States and the world.

Last year, Mary student Andrew Meyer, studying at the Rome campus during the spring semester, exchanged zucchettos, or the skullcap, with Pope Francis. The zucchetto is now on display at Meyer’s hometown church in Wahpeton, ND. Later that spring, Schulzetenberg was asked by the Pope to provide a reading at Easter Mass.