BISMARCK, ND — The University of Mary has announced the selection of its 2018 Homecoming King and Queen and their court.

Lisa Anderson

Homecoming Queen is Lisa Anderson, a nursing major from Aitkin, Minnesota, is the daughter of Tim and Pauline Anderson.

Being a student at the University of Mary, she said, “I like the opportunities we are given that allow us to truly make this university our own. I am able to be a nursing student as well as getting involved and being a leader in multiple other organizations. I like that we are more than a number; each student has a name, a face, and a story, and the University of Mary recognizes that.”

Among her greatest accomplishments, she said, is understanding the value of failure, recognizing that an immense amount of growth can stem from not succeeding on your first attempt. “It is okay to fail as long as you learn from your mistakes.” She is also a recipient of the Presidential Student Leadership Award.

A funny memory from college thus far is running out of gas on the way back from tennis practice one night. And on her bucket list is going on a hot-air balloon ride.

What people don’t know is that she only eats half a stick of gum at a time. “I don’t like chewing the whole stick of gum.”

David Chavez

Homecoming King is David Chavez of Bowman, North Dakota, is majoring in athletic training/pre-physical therapy. He is the son of Mirna and Juan Ruiz.

“I enjoy being in a closer community like UMary because I enjoy meeting and getting to know people and their backgrounds. In addition, I think that the UMary community is one of the most supporting, caring, and fun,” he says.

He lists among his greatest accomplishments being accepted into the athletic training program. “I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet, get to know, and work with over 500 student-athletes and help them recover and get stronger in order that they can achieve their dreams,” he says.

Among his funniest memories was in his freshman year, when he gave himself a black eye by hitting his head in the faucet in North Hall. He has on his bucket list skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Little-known facts about him: “My first name is Hector and I put barbecue sauce on my salads.”


Other student nominees for King and Queen are:

Derek Myers

Derek Myers, of Gillette, Wyoming, is the son of Dewain and Cindy Myers and majors in physical education, coaching/sports studies.

About being a student at the University of Mary, he says, “the best part about being a student at the University of Mary is that it is not too big, where I know a majority of the people on campus.”

Among his greatest accomplishments is winning the 10K NSIC championship last spring, and on his bucket list is running the Boston Marathon.

His funniest memories from college so far are any time he has been around his brothers, and his favorite TV show is “Criminal Minds.”

Jose Luis Jimenez

Jose Luis Jimenez Jr., a secondary math education major from Long Prairie, Minnesota, is the son of Jose Luis Jimenez Sr. and Maria Jimenez.

What I like most about being a student here is being a part of this caring and virtue-seeking community. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be the man I am if it wasn’t for the professors, Monsignor Shea, the chaplains, my close friends, and the chapels on campus. The community here has helped me to focus on what I want to achieve and gain after graduating. There are so many virtuous people on this campus to lean on and to look up to that there should be no excuse for not growing in virtue and holiness as we all seek a greater purpose within our relationship with Christ,” he says.

One of his greatest accomplishments is working towards being able to study abroad for a semester in Rome and then reading at a papal mass while being there, “something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

His funniest memory so far: “Fall semester of my freshman year I woke up at 8:20 a.m. on the first day of finals week, and I had a final at 8 a.m. I threw some clothes on and ran to class. I walked in and everybody was writing the final, so I went up to the professor and apologized. He was very kind and told me I was fine. I went to my seat, looked in my backpack and my stomach sank. I went back up to him and asked for a pencil. I then proceeded to finish the test, grow in humility and prudence, and get an A on the test.”

On his bucket list, after spending a semester in Rome, is to go back with his future wife someday  — and also to learn how to play a 12-string guitar.

What no one knows about him is that when he was in track and field in middle school, he got second place on the high jump. He got a ribbon and it would have been cool, but there were only two of them doing the high jump. “I didn’t tell my parents and they weren’t there, so they were proud of me until I told them in high school. Then they just laughed out loud and gave me a hard time in a loving way.”

Julia Johnson

Julia Johnson, a nursing major from Moorhead, Minnesota, is the daughter of Bill Johnson and the late Roberta Johnson.

Julia loves being a University of Mary student because the university has shown her the true meaning of friendship. She says, “I have been privileged to encounter so many individuals on campus who desire greatness of soul, they crave to encounter the living Christ and to give their lives in generosity and service. Because of these friendships I have learned to love deeper, to more fully give of my time and talents to serve those around me, and to always live my life with the reminder that it is a gift.”

Among her greatest accomplishments is running a marathon with her friend, Abby Dusek. Julia says that while she is not a natural long-distance runner, through training she learned how strong and determined she can be when working towards a goal, and that some things in life take time and patience.

One moment she will never forget is in her freshman year, when a young man attempted ‘project flying squirrel,’ using the University of Mary wind, a blanket duct-taped to his wrists and ankles and an attempted takeoff down a hill.

Someday she would love to go great white shark cage diving off the coast of South Africa with her friend, Katie Arens. She also confesses that she loves to eat frozen pizza rolls, but asks people not to knock it before they’ve tried it.


Raymond Young V

Raymond Young V is a business administration major from Littleton, Colorado, the son of Raymond Young III and Ann Young.

Raymond likes being a student at the University of Mary because of all the great and wonderful people he has been blessed to know and meet. Among his most fun memories of the university, he said, “ is having an old Italian mountain woman pull me back from the front of a crowd to get into a papal audience and then me turning around and yelling a whole lot of Italian nothingness at her. She did let go and I did see Pope Francis!”

One thing on his bucket list? “Get to Heaven!”

Raymond says he’s a very unfiltered person, so there’s not much he hasn’t told someone, although a fun fact is that he puts his socks on before his shoes.


Hannah Modeen

Hannah Modeen of Grand Forks, North Dakota, is a social work major and the daughter of Jennifer and Nathan Modeen.

Hannah says of being a student at the University of Mary, “my favorite part is being surrounded by a great amount of goodness and truth about the world, and greatly challenged to be a better version of myself.”

One of her greatest accomplishments is being able to stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower during her Rome semester, especially, she said, because she was afraid of heights at the time.

“One of my funniest memories is when, in California for spring break freshman year, a friend’s brakes were grinding for the last 500 miles, and then two days after we arrived the brake pad literally fell out of his car while we were driving.”

She did dream of becoming a figure skater after watching the Vancouver Olympics in grade school, “at least until I realized I was awful at skating.”

She would love to take Cody [her fiancé] and her parents to Rome and show them everything she loved about it.


Chris Riedman

Chris Riedman, Bismarck, North Dakota, is the son of Michael and Karol Riedman majoring in philosophy and Catholic Studies.

“I love being a student at the University of Mary because it is not merely a community, but a real family. In times of success, we all celebrate together. In times of grief or failure, we stand by one another. UMary is unlike any other university that I have ever encountered because of its emphasis on meeting students where they are at and helping them grow through support and prayer – together,” Chris says.

Chris also said he had the immense blessing and honor to greet Pope Francis with a handshake and exchange zucchettos with him while he was studying abroad at the UMary Rome Campus. One day he would love to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Among his great memories is blasting “Spooky, Scary Skeletons” and “Hot Dog!” in the Crow’s Nest with RockBot at all hours of the day and night.

Few people know, he said, “I used to serve as a veterinary assistant at the Dakota Zoo for a few summers,” he said.



Heidi Bau

Heidi Bau, of Slayton, Minnesota, is a biology [pre-med] major with minors in chemistry and music. She is the daughter of Dave and Sue Bau.

At the University of Mary, she said, “I can unapologetically live out my Catholic faith and be supported in that. The authentic community here at the University of Mary helps me to grow in virtue, developing my character so that I can go out into the world and serve others.”

Among her major accomplishments, she said — “surviving organic chemistry!” Among her funniest memories so far, she said, is ‘ninja sliding’ down the dirt pile in the Shire.

She has a goal to visit all of the U.S. national parks. A little-known fact about her is that she used to participate in lamb lead in 4-H, “an activity where I would sew a wool outfit for myself and my lamb, and then we would wear them both in the show ring.”


Kieran McInnis

Kieran McInnis, of Hope, Rhode Island, is a healthcare administration major and the daughter of Brian and Renee McInnis.

I love being at a place where the mission is to grow who we are and develop traits in us that help us seek truth, be kind, and be excellent. Also, the students that come here are some of the most unique people I have ever met,” she says.

“One of my greatest accomplishments is that I realized I am not the best. Therefore, whenever I embark on a new project, game, or relationship, it is in a freedom where I can be completely myself. This allows me to enjoy my life in a freedom that has let me do the best I can and do what I enjoy. Whenever I put on events, help others, learn about different topics, or do a hobby there is the only pressure to do it well.”

One of her funniest moments from college was during her sophomore year, when the fire alarms went off at 12:30 a.m. in February.

“I was living in Hillside at the time, and the doors are very thick. So naturally, in my sleepy mind I thought it was my alarm. Since my phone said 12:30, I thought I was late for class. I then having a heart attack while putting on sweats and grabbed my books and backpack, ran out into the hallway, made it four steps before I realized it was the fire alarm. I then had to carry around my backpack for the next hour before I could go back to bed.”

Among her goals is to create a scholarship for high school and college students: “I understand how annoying it can be when one must economize because you’re either going to pay tuition or go home for break.”

A little-known fact is that she brought a fake rat made from real fur into her homeroom to prank her math teacher: “ It worked, too well.”