University of Mary Homecoming King, Matthew McCabe, and Queen, Jacie Kohler.

BISMARCK, ND — The University of Mary has announced the selection of its 2019 Homecoming King and Queen and their court.

Homecoming Queen is Jacie Kohler, a math education major from Williston, ND, and the daughter of Doug and Bobbie Kohler. Kohler enjoys being part of a loving community.

“There has not been a day while I have been here that a person — whether a friend or a stranger — has done something to let me know that I am loved. That could be a simple smile or a loving affirmation. The University of Mary has become my home and its students my family.”

She says one of her greatest accomplishments is persevering through her first semester of freshman year of college. Kohler says she loves traveling and wants to visit every state as long as she has “good company and  good snacks.”

Homecoming King is Matthew McCabe, a Catholic studies and communications double-major from Denver, Colorado, and the son of Joel and Dana McCabe. Because of the friendly community, McCabe feels like he can be himself, and the small size allows him to meet so many people and know their names. Mostly, he enjoys being around faith-based people.

University of Mary 2019 Homecoming Court

“I don’t think I would have come to know Christ in such a special way without Mary. I also get to have three of my siblings here, which is super cool.”

One of his biggest accomplishments was organizing a four-month volunteer trip to Peru a year in between high school and college. He would like to continue to travel as part of his future plans.

“I want to see the place in Auschwitz where Saint Maximillian Kolbe died. I also want to go to Japan with my friends.”

Other student nominees for King and Queen included:

Evan Baumberger

Evan Baumberger, a theology and Catholic studies major from Colton, South Dakota, is the son of Dean and Susan Baumberger. He loves being a student at the University of Mary because it provides the perfect environment for a person to grow deeper in their faith, engage in their studies and to create personal relationships with people that will continually impact and change their life.

“The University of Mary truly embodies the Benedictine principle of Ora at Labora  [pray and work].

Among his greatest accomplishments is climbing to the top of Mount Serva in northern Italy.

“With limited gear and water, a group of guys and I made the whole day trek up to the top. The sight from the top of the mountain was one of the most stunning views I have ever seen.”

Kelsey Green

Kelsey Green, a theology major from Ham Lake, Minnesota, is the daughter of Don and Bev Green. She likes the community aspect of the University of Mary, its Catholic identity, the care and love from the professors and staff, and the beauty surrounding the campus. One of her greatest accomplishments is “just coming to college. I am proud to be here and be able to complete my schoolwork and better myself as a person overall. Green’s bucket list is “to visit New Zealand.”






Jacob Heselton

Jacob Heselton, a business administration major and philosophy minor from Faribault, Minnesota, is the son of Michael and Deborah Heselton.

“I love the community at University of Mary. I think many people will say the same, but that just shows how true it is. Wherever I am on campus, I know I can talk to anyone and easily have a conversation with them.”

Heselton greatest accomplishment is being able to serve a year with NET ministries. Someday he would like to go skydiving.





Rebecca Wilke

Rebecca ‘Becky’ Wilke, a philosophy and communications double-major from Moorhead, Minnesota, is the daughter of Jennifer and William Wilke.She loves everything about the campus vibe, a place where students can feel at home.

“The professors are looked up to and build communities within their majors, students are called to be leaders through virtue as friends, and the Sisters make the campus a home for anyone who chooses it.”

Wilke will marry her fiancé in December. She plans to someday make a convincing argument to Europeans about why French fries should be called French fries—and not chips.




Carter Steichen

Carter Steichen, a respiratory therapy major from Austin, Minnesota, is the son of Michael and Dana Steichen. He enjoys the relationships he’s made at Mary and believes campus life helped him achieve his greatest accomplishment.

“Growing out of myself and my insecurities by being open to the incredible people God has placed in my life at Mary. The patience and vulnerability that my friends have shared with me have really brought out the man that I am called to become.”

Steichen would like to someday travel through Italy and France and experience their distinct cultures and enjoy their foods.




Bree Erickson

Bree Erickson, a former mathematics major and currently earning her master’s degree in project management at Mary, is the daughter Summer and Kristopher Erickson from Cambridge, Minnesota. Erickson enjoys the small-town feel the university provides.

“The small class sizes create a family atmosphere that I love. Professors, faculty and students genuinely care for each other.”

Her greatest accomplishment is being part of the University of Mary Cross Country Team at the University of Mary that placed runner-up at the NCAA Division II National Championships—the highest finish by any sport in UMary’s NCAA era.

“Helping my cross-country team place second at the national meet while snagging the last individual All-American spot. A team is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Jacob O’Meara

Jacob O’Meara, a civil engineering major from Harris, Minnesota, is the son of Michael and Karen O’Meara.

“From the day I first visited UMary five years ago, there’s always been one thing that impressed me more than anything else about this school: the fact that it is such a welcoming and friendly place. It’s never difficult to find a friendly face here, which says a lot about the kind of school we are. It’s an incredible atmosphere in which to grow and learn, and I’m deeply grateful as well for our Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine heritage.”

His biggest accomplishment is becoming an Eagle Scout. O’Meara would like to learn to play the violin along with speaking a few languages, including Gaelic and French.



Monique Ritter

Monique Ritter, a psychology major from Normandy Park, Washington, is the daughter of Tom and Martha Ritter.

“I love that there are so many chances here to grow not only as a student, but also as a person. I love that if you give UMary the chance, your mind and heart can truly be formed.” Ritter would like to go backpacking through Europe in the future.