New program modeled in partnership with world-renowned author Alexandre Havard

BISMARCK, ND — What is virtuous leadership? At the University of Mary, leadership is about more than theories, charts and balance sheets. It’s about the strength of character and the virtues that define an individual as a person and business leader.

Today’s world is begging for faithful business leaders. A businessperson doesn’t just leave his Catholic, Christian convictions at the front door when walking into work in the morning. Virtue has been talked about for centuries but has fallen out of fashion in the modern world. Such luminaries as Aristotle, St. Paul, and St. Thomas Aquinas all taught that the human person is made for greatness — a greatness of soul or what we call the virtue of magnanimity.

That’s why the University of Mary, together with the Havard Virtuous Leadership Institute, is offering education in virtuous leadership through graduate-level study in the University of Mary’s Gary Tharaldson School of Business.

MBA Virtuous Leadership GraphicThe University of Mary joins acclaimed author and speaker Alexandre Havard in his belief that virtue and leadership do not come naturally but arise from the formation of character for excellence, and that such formation is vital for personal and professional growth and success. Virtuous leadership is life-changing.

Witnessed to by staggering fluctuations in the Dow Jones industrial average, government bailouts and subsequent economic collapse in 2008, today’s business world is hungry for leaders of magnanimity.

“At the Gary Tharaldson School of Business our mission is clear,” said Dr. John Warford, dean of the Gary Tharaldson School of Business. “We incorporate Catholic social teaching, Benedictine values, and servant leadership into the curriculum to cultivate champions of business who not only know their craft, but who are virtuous, ethical, and have the moral courage to do the right thing at every level of the economy, be it the private, public or non-profit sector. Business should be a force for good in society. Virtuous leadership takes these concepts to the next level by guiding and inspiring our students to be more magnanimous, to adopt a new and larger vision of greatness, and to use these skills to bring out greatness in others. At the University of Mary you learn to serve others in a different way. This is the driving force of our new MBA Concentration and Certificate in Virtuous Leadership.”

The University of Mary offers two paths to education in virtuous leadership. Option one begins January 2016 and is an online or on-site MBA with a concentration in Virtuous Leadership from the University of Mary; the second is a Certificate of Completion in Virtuous Leadership. The Virtuous Leadership Concentration is also available for the Master’s in Project Management, the Master’s in Public Administration and the Master of Science in Business.

Designed for working professionals, both the Virtuous Leadership MBA and the certificate program are conveniently offered online, along with a unique, four-day immersive learning experience personally taught by Alexandre Havard in the following cities:

  • Phoenix, AZ, April 8-11, 2016
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, April 16-19, 2016
  • Denver, CO, June 3-6, 2016
  • Bismarck, ND, June 10-13, 2016

For more information on this exciting new program and to receive a free copy of Havard’s life-changing book “Created for Greatness: The Power of Magnanimity” call (800) 288-MARY (6279) or fill out a request form online at