BISMARCK, ND — When it comes to best preparing its students and ultimately its graduates for the workforce, nobody does it better in North Dakota than the University of Mary, according to the national experts at Zippia.

Zippia, the online organization that helps recent graduates find the best jobs for their skills, released a map and a ranking of the best college for employment in the United States based on the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) database. They rank University of Mary as the best higher education institution in North Dakota and number eight overall in the U.S. for best placing its graduates in the workplace.

“Using IPEDS, we searched for the college in each state with the highest listed job placement ratings looking specifically at employment levels at year 10 after students have graduated,” said Chris Kolmar, head of marketing at Zippia. “Then, we looked at the ratings themselves and ranked each state’s top school according to their rating.”

“The University of Mary is very honored and humbled by this prestigious ranking,” stated Michael McMahon, vice president for Enrollment Services at the University of Mary. “Our students succeed in their careers, and this ranking demonstrates that in a powerful way. We take great pride at Mary in fostering great skills through academic rigor and developing students’ moral character, as they become virtuous leaders in their career and community as graduates. So, this is more than just a number or ranking as it speaks to the heart of what we do best. We care deeply about our students when they are on campus and after they graduate into their career field—that’s what this ranking means at a state and national level.”

Zippia referenced a study by The Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA that shows 60.1% of incoming freshmen indicated it was “very important” that their college’s alumni get good jobs after graduation.

“One of the most important things to college freshmen, if not the most important, is that the college they have chosen to attend will ultimately help them find a job,” added Kolmar. “Not all schools are equal in this, and some colleges are vastly more supportive of their students’ post-graduation concerns than others.”

The University of Mary’s placement rate is 95.669 percent, it’s the only private Catholic school in North Dakota, as well as the only College of Distinction in the state and is a Cardinal Newman Society recommended university.