University of Mary student Katrina Gallic receives phone call from Vice President Mike Pence’s office while on bus to the 2017 March for Life

BISMARCK, ND — Katrina Gallic’s ethics teacher, Scott Cleveland, PhD, had just posed the topic of discussion for class: Is “good” subjective or objective and what are the following consequences to that answer?

Then, Tuesday at about 12:15 p.m. her iPhone vibrated with an incoming email.

“March for Life Reception with Vice President Pence,” it said in her inbox. Could this be spam mail?

“No, it looked real,” Gallic said, a senior marketing major at the University of Mary, with minors in philosophy and Catholic studies. After last year’s March [for Life incident], I don’t assume these things are spam as quickly.”

Gallic is referring to the phone call she received from Vice President Pence’s office inviting her to the very same reception. Only last year, it was when she was on a 30-hour bus trip with 600 classmates as they headed east from Bismarck, ND, to lead the March for Life in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, for Gallic, the buses arrived in D.C. too late and she was unable to attend.

University of Mary student Katrina Gallic speaking at the 2017 March for Life Rally

So, with no disrespect to her professor, Gallic did what any other student would do in that situation and read the email to herself in class:

“Friends, Vice President Pence would like to invite you to a reception ahead of Friday’s March for Life,” the letter opened, followed by the location, site map, and required security requirements. “If you know someone who would like to attend the reception, please let me know and we can consider extending an invite. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to follow-up. We look forward to seeing you! All the best,” deputy assistant to the president wrote.

“After picking my jaw up off the floor, I anxiously waited for class to finish so that I could share the news,” recalled Gallic, who, up to this point was very disappointed that she was not able to join the more than 600 North Dakotan’s in 12 buses making the journey to D.C. for the march.

Gallic had major back surgery in October and a 60-hour bus trip both ways would not have been following doctor’s orders. But a comfortable flight with a couple of layovers is something her back can tolerate without any problem.

University of Mary student Katrina Gallic with classmate Ann Dziak (Yantes) on bus to the 2017 March for Life

Last year for the March for Life, Gallic was chosen as the only student representative to speak with Vice President Mike Pence and other special guests at the pre-March Rally at the National Mall. Her powerful and passionate presentation on national TV was one of conviction and spread quickly throughout social media:

After sharing the email and news with University of Mary administration, Gallic followed the instructions on the letter and accepted the invitation and received a quick response from the White House:

“Dear Katrina, Thank you for submitting your RSVP. We have received your information. Please reach out to your point of contact with any questions. Sincerely, The White House.”

It’s unclear what Gallic will be doing at the reception beyond eating a nice meal and hearing from the vice president, but she hopes to meet Pence and shake his hand, something she was unable to do last year. Also, Gallic is taking advantage of the opportunity in the invitation and will have University of Mary President Monsignor James Shea join her as a guest at the reception.

University of Mary student Katrina Gallic at the 2017 March for Life

“I am deeply honored to receive this invitation and I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to represent the University of Mary and the Pro-life Generation again in Washington,” added Gallic.

As for the answer to Dr. Cleveland’s ethics question of whether “good” is subjective or objective? It is safe to say Gallic already has the answer to that question and will deliver it with flying colors when she arrives back in Bismarck Saturday from another memorable experience representing the Pro-life Generation at the 2018 March fro Life.