BISMARCK, ND — Friendly pranks are pretty common and darn right comical when sitting on buses with 400 classmates for a 30-hour trip across country with little or no sleep. That is what University of Mary senior Katrina Gallic was doing Thursday evening—just minding her own business headed for what would be the biggest day of her life speaking at the March for Life Friday in front of hundreds of thousands of people—when she gets a phone call just three hours out from D.C. in Pennsylvania, that said “unavailable.”

After so many rings, and the thought of not answering it, Gallic decided to tap the green button on her cell phone.

University of Mary student, Katrina Gallic, receives call from Vice President Mike Pence's office

University of Mary student, Katrina Gallic, receives call from Vice President Mike Pence’s office

“I couldn’t believe it when she said she was from the vice president’s office,” said Gallic through a text. “I was so surprised it didn’t even occur to me. It took a little while to sink in.”

To Gallic’s surprise, this was no tomfoolery from any of her March for Life peers sitting around her in disbelief.

“She said they had been trying to reach me all day to invite me to a reception Mike Pence is having tonight for the March for Life speakers. We won’t make it to D.C. in time.”

Gallic, who has admired Pence from afar for his pro-life stance, unfortunately had to decline the invitation because the convoy of seven buses she is part of was running a couple hours late.

“People around me could tell (this was serious), but I tried to keep my voice sounding collected,” added Gallic. “Sarah Maslow was sitting next to me and noticed how surprised I looked when I realized who was calling.”

Gallic and her friends will reach their destination this evening when they plan to attend the Life is VERY Good Rally before a full day of events tomorrow that includes Mass celebrated by Cardinal Timothy Dolan and then head to the National Mall for the opening ceremonies at noon, Eastern Time. The March for Life opening ceremony features several high profile and respected speakers, including Gallic, and now Pence, who was announced Thursday afternoon as the” special guest speaker.

Gallic says today was one of the best days of her life and tomorrow will most likely be better yet, if all goes according to plan.

“I hope to meet him tomorrow,” Gallic said of vice president Pence. “We’ll be waiting to speak in the same area, so most likely.”

Gallic says she won’t be ignoring random phone calls anytime soon— no matter if they are silly pranks. However, the way her week has gone, the only calls she will be getting should be congratulatory and from the media.