Dr. Michael J. Naughton to give commencement address at Mary

BISMARCK, ND  — On Saturday, April 27th, the University of Mary will award degrees to 1,004 graduates at its 2019 commencement. The ceremony begins at 2 p.m. in the Bismarck Event Center, Seventh Street and Front Avenue, Bismarck.

Founded and sponsored by the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery of Bismarck, the University of Mary will award 508 bachelor’s degrees, 414 master’s degrees and 82 doctoral degrees. These students come from 41 states representing 16 countries.

2019 marks the first class of Year-Round Campus graduates with 77 and 12 Gregorian Honors Scholars. 68 received the summa cum laude designation, 54 earned magna cum laude designation and 108 students received the cum laude designation.

Additionally, 72 students have earned the Certified Schafer Leader designation from the Harold Schafer Emerging Leaders Academy.

The 2019 University of Mary graduation ceremonies can be viewed through live streaming at: www.lifeatmary.comor https://www.youtube.com/c/universityofmary/live.

Commencement Speaker

Dr. Michael J. Naughton is the director of the Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, the oldest and largest Catholic Studies program in the world. He holds the Koch Endowed Chair in Catholic Studies and is also a full professor in the Department of Catholic Studies.

The author, co-author, and co-editor of 10 books and more than 50 articles, Dr. Naughton helped coordinate and write “The Vocation of the Business Leader,” issued by the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice in 2012, which has been translated into more than 15 languages. He also currently serves as chairman of the board for Reell Precision Manufacturing.

Dr. Naughton’s numerous awards and honors include the Monika K. Hellwig Award for Outstanding Contributions to Catholic Intellectual Life, awarded in 2015 from the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, and the Julie Hays Teaching Award of the Opus College of Business in 2014, chosen by faculty, students and alumni there, an award that recognizes faculty members who exemplify an ongoing commitment to teaching and learning.

Dr. Naughton was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley, California, and was inducted into the school’s College of Fellows in 2009.

In 2002, he received the first place National Outstanding Course Award for “Christian Faith and the Management Professions: An Entrepreneurial Perspective,” and is the 2001 recipient of the University of St. Thomas Business Ethics Award.

First Name Last Name Degree Honors Hometown City Hometown State Country
Sarah Krell MBA Edmonton  AB CA
Sarah Krell MSN Edmonton  AB CA
Austin Ell BS Delta  BC CA
Luxon Glor BS Cum Laude Winnipeg  MB CA
Turnar Kist MED Winnipeg  MB CA
Darius Barlas BS Orangeville  ON CA
Carrie Armitage BUS Moose Jaw  SK CA
Julia Hammerschmidt BS Hinrichshagen  Germany DE
Caitlin Dooley BS Pontefract  England GB
Jade Smith BS Cum Laude Rochester  England GB
Kalpana Sanmugam MSC Batu Caves  Malaysia MY
Paulo Jose Lumicao MS Manila  Philippines PH
André Almqvist BS Trollhaettan  Sweden SE
Rebecca McKeon MSN Anchorage  AK US
Charles Benshetler BS Palmer  AK US
Izabel Tweed BS Cum Laude Palmer  AK US
Tessa Dixon MSN Wasilla  AK US
Kirsten Olson BSN Cum Laude Chandler  AZ US
Daniel Connealy MS Flagstaff  AZ US
Nick McCann BS Cum Laude Gilbert  AZ US
Andrew Steineke BA Gilbert  AZ US
Lindsay Gray BA Magna Cum Laude Mesa  AZ US
April Huenecke MED Mesa  AZ US
Broderick Riggs BS Peoria  AZ US
Garrett Weissinger BS Cum Laude Peoria  AZ US
Ryan Ayala MED Phoenix  AZ US
Erin Mayberry MED Phoenix  AZ US
Ashley Melick BSN Cum Laude Phoenix  AZ US
Morgan Morano BA Summa Cum Laude Phoenix  AZ US
Janine Trammel MBA Phoenix  AZ US
Tricia Wauson MBA Phoenix  AZ US
Christopher Scott BS Scottsdale  AZ US
Mary Haynes MSOT Tucson  AZ US
Theresa Haynes BS Magna Cum Laude Tucson  AZ US
Dylan Thomas BS Tucson  AZ US
Dominique Bruso BSN Cum Laude Tuscon  AZ US
Geovana De La Iglesia Almeida BS Cum Laude Santos  Brazil US
Bennett Paris BA Angels Camp  CA US
Jared Taylor BS Angels Camp  CA US
Lauren Frise MBA Castroville  CA US
Sofia Delgado MBA Escondido  CA US
Connie Meziere BSN Escondido  CA US
Ryley Racciato BS Escondido  CA US
Leana Kastern BSN Folsom  CA US
Alec DeMaria BS Cum Laude Fresno  CA US
Michelle Schmidt BSN Lake Forest  CA US
Garner Jones BUS Los Angles  CA US
Kristyn Fletcher BS Madera  CA US
Dora Cantu BS Modesto  CA US
Devon Macias BS Murrieta  CA US
Michael Brumley BS Napa  CA US
Curtis Friedlander BS Napa  CA US
Greta Heun BUS Napa  CA US
Carolann Stanek MBA Palm Springs  CA US
Carolann Stanek MSN Palm Springs  CA US
Ryan O’Donnell BA Placerville  CA US
Kace Bailey BS Rancho Murieta  CA US
Dustin Le MED Riverside  CA US
Desirae Hyde MSOT Rocklin  CA US
Marquia Cantu MBA San Bernardino  CA US
Thomas Bremar BS San Diego  CA US
Joseph Bump BS San Diego  CA US
Abelardo Flores MED San Diego  CA US
Katrina Glenn BSN Cum Laude San Diego  CA US
Trenton Horn MS San Diego  CA US
Stephen Saunders BS San Diego  CA US
Taylor Volkman BSRT Cum Laude San Diego  CA US
Kathryn Thurman MS San Jose  CA US
Luan Tong MBA San Jose  CA US
Raymond Calles BS Santa Clarita  CA US
Precious Frederiksen BA Sun City  CA US
Joshua Lopez BA Magna Cum Laude Torrance  CA US
Erick Wahome MBA Ukiah  CA US
Garrett Gellerman DPT Valley Springs  CA US
Kristin Talbot DPT Wilton  CA US
Peishan Yang MBA Hainan  China US
Lucille Chase BS Aurora  CO US
Karleen Pappert BS Cum Laude Colorado Springs  CO US
Katherine Stano BS Cum Laude Denver  CO US
Katrina Karakas BSN Cum Laude Greeley  CO US
Emily Izzo MS Lakewood  CO US
Molly McDonald DPT Lakewood  CO US
Raymond Young BS Cum Laude Littleton  CO US
Emma Hanley BSN Cum Laude Loveland  CO US
Alexandra Weber BA Summa Cum Laude Loveland  CO US
Mikayla Unruh BS Summa Cum Laude Montrose  CO US
Hannah Redinger BS Northglenn  CO US
Jordan Swango BS Palmer Lake  CO US
Mary Montoya BS Parker  CO US
Jack Lamb BS Sedalia  CO US
AnneMarie Hansen BS Summa Cum Laude Thornton  CO US
Kerim Nuhbegovic MS Zagreb  Croatia US
Kristen Best-Friesz DNP Stamford  CT US
Jose Gomez MBA Guayaquil  Ecuador US
Elbert Pope BUS Clearwater  FL US
Moise Francois MBA Miami  FL US
Rachell Vargas-Comme BS Cum Laude Miami  FL US
Keilah Gussie BS Middleburg  FL US
Charles Anders MBA Plant City  FL US
Richard Hinton MBA Atlanta  GA US
Daquavion Ross BS Atlanta  GA US
Brittany Szabo MBA Atlanta  GA US
Brittany Szabo MSN Atlanta  GA US
Raquel Avalos MSN Decatur  GA US
Meredith Wallin MS Hinesville  GA US
Kendall Grier BS Locust Grove  GA US
Erika Berg BSN Peachtree City  GA US
Amelia Kumpel BA Summa Cum Laude Valdosta  GA US
Job Abalo MS Accra  Ghana US
Ryan Naki-Poomaihealani BS Nanakuli  HI US
Amy Tanaka BUS Pearl City  HI US
Daulton Sauce BS Magna Cum Laude Sioux City  IA US
Megan Lowery BS Summa Cum Laude Coeur d’Alene  ID US
Sheyenne Owens MSOT Nampa  ID US
Sabbin Chammachel DPT Chicago  IL US
Brandon Flowers MSOT Chicago  IL US
Steven Hryniewicz MSC Crystal Lake  IL US
Kristen Harrison BS Summa Cum Laude Downers Grove  IL US
Eileen McNichols MS Evergreen Park  IL US
Lada Koenitz-Hudac DPT Highwood  IL US
Katharine Schlosser MSOT Mascoutah  IL US
Emily Turkowski DNP Naperville  IL US
Aaron Walker MBA Normal  IL US
Cyrano Rayfield BS Ottawa  IL US
Erin Pasley BS Magna Cum Laude Quincy  IL US
Adeline Beck BA Rockton  IL US
Stephen Tan BA Cum Laude Waukegan  IL US
Michael Szalek BS Cum Laude Woodridge  IL US
Elizabeth Kubisch BSN Magna Cum Laude Bloomington  IN US
Dillon Yearby MBA Chrisney  IN US
Timothy Congress BS Gary  IN US
Elijaih Tiggs MBA Indianapolis  IN US
Samuel Tadiparthi MS Andhra  India US
Surabhi Dan MBA Delhi  India US
Deependra Bagdas MS Kalimpong  India US
Christy Pathiala MBA Kochi  India US
Maiko Nicklos MBA Takayama  Japan US
Bernadette Newport BSN Cum Laude Berryton  KS US
Alison Egan MSN Fort Riley  KS US
Bronyal McFadden DNP Kansas City  KS US
Chrystal Artigue BS White City  KS US
Andrea Roberts MSN Independence  KY US
Claire Bischel BSN Magna Cum Laude Paris  KY US
Celeste Poche MS New Orleans  LA US
Eddie Underwood BS Cum Laude Ruston  LA US
Timothy Miller BA Orange  MA US
Lydia Amoako BS Cum Laude Ellicott City  MD US
Brittany Davis BS Lexington Park  MD US
Carolann Hartnett BA Cum Laude Reisterstown  MD US
Erandi Barreto BS Magna Cum Laude Guadalajara  Mexico US
Brigid Meeks MS Alma  MI US
Samantha Putti BS Cum Laude Detroit  MI US
Gabriel Sistrunk MBA Detroit  MI US
Catherine Swiderski MSOT Lansing  MI US
Stephen Feldpausch BS Magna Cum Laude Pewamo  MI US
Ja’ Haun Stafford MBA Port Huron  MI US
Rebecca Smith BS Sterling Heights  MI US
Lisa Anderson BSN Aitkin  MN US
Cody Fourre BS Albany  MN US
Brendan Thorp BA Summa Cum Laude Albertville  MN US
Angela Goergen MSN Alexandria  MN US
Richelle Johnson MSN Alexandria  MN US
Olivia Rice MS Alexandria  MN US
John Spanjers MED Audubon  MN US
Melina Birchem BS Magna Cum Laude Backus  MN US
Kari Cossette MED Barnesville  MN US
Rick Jablonsky BS Barnesville  MN US
Brock Bleichner MBA Battle Lake  MN US
Miranda Zych BSN Beardsley  MN US
Jenise Ropp DNP Bemidji  MN US
Alexandra Rieger BSN Big Lake  MN US
Morgan Wilburn BSN Cum Laude Big Lake  MN US
John Davies BS Bloomington  MN US
Sydney Weber BS Summa Cum Laude Borup  MN US
Chloe Solseth MSOT Brainerd  MN US
Jackson Schepp MS Buffalo  MN US
Lauren Randall BS Burnsville  MN US
Bree Erickson BS Magna Cum Laude Cambridge  MN US
Rebecca Kelly BS Cannon Falls  MN US
Maranda Vannett BA Carver  MN US
McKaela Larson MS Clear Lake  MN US
Shea Abrahamson BSN Coon Rapids  MN US
Cody Klamm BS Crookston  MN US
McKaylee Klamm BS Crookston  MN US
Aimee Jo Martinek BUS Crystal  MN US
Bradley Johnson MED Crystal  MN US
Jayd Larive BS Delano  MN US
Samantha Noetzelman MSOT Delano  MN US
Kiah Vanasse MSOT Delano  MN US
Holly Disse BS Detroit Lakes  MN US
Makenzie Gedrose DPT Detroit Lakes  MN US
Ross Mickelson MSC Detroit Lakes  MN US
Ryan Hursh MSN Duluth  MN US
Michael Gorder BS Cum Laude Eagan  MN US
Carl Adolphson MED East Grand Forks  MN US
Kirsten Bjorkman BSRT East Grand Forks  MN US
Mitchell Bridgeford DPT East Grand Forks  MN US
Joshua Cochran BSN East Grand Forks  MN US
Lacey Collison BSN East Grand Forks  MN US
Jonathan Enright MBA East Grand Forks  MN US
Lisa Johnson MSN East Grand Forks  MN US
Carmen Norton BSN East Grand Forks  MN US
Kasha Christopherson Baus DNP Eden Prairie  MN US
Amber Svendsen MSN Elk River  MN US
Kaitlyn Fuglseth BS Summa Cum Laude Fertile  MN US
JoAnna Dahler BSN Foley  MN US
Jonathon Heger MBA Foley  MN US
Sean-Tom Garry MS Forest Lake  MN US
Nichole Boyd BSN Glyndon  MN US
Christine Vinje BSN Glyndon  MN US
Lindsey Becker BA Magna Cum Laude Hastings  MN US
Danelle Card BUS Hawley  MN US
Rachael Towers MSN Hawley  MN US
Chelsea Roberts BS Summa Cum Laude Hinckley  MN US
Krista Svobodny MBA Hitterdal  MN US
Emily Wolter BS Magna Cum Laude Holdingford  MN US
Joseph Angstman BS Inver Grove Heights  MN US
Kaitlyn Gellerman BS Inver Grove Heights  MN US
Seamus Waters BS Inver Grove Heights  MN US
Bryce Johanneck BS Cum Laude Litchfield  MN US
Evan Athman MSOT Little Falls  MN US
AnnMarie Vetter BS Cum Laude Little Falls  MN US
Jose Jimenez BS Long Prairie  MN US
Hannah Kroll BS Summa Cum Laude Long Prairie  MN US
Karyn Schneider MED Loretto  MN US
April Jirik BS Summa Cum Laude Mahnomen  MN US
Kayla Timmerman MED Maple Grove  MN US
Madeline Springer MSOT Marine on the St. Croix  MN US
Trent Wiebusch BA Summa Cum Laude Medina  MN US
Trey Wiebusch BA Summa Cum Laude Medina  MN US
Samuel Razink BS Milaca  MN US
Grace Gauthier BA Magna Cum Laude Minneapolis  MN US
Brittany Kennedy MPM Minneapolis  MN US
Noelle McCarthy BM Minnetonka  MN US
Noelle McCarthy BS Minnetonka  MN US
Mikayla Baloun BSN Monticello  MN US
Sara Morris MSN Montrose  MN US
Cory Gibson BS Moorhead  MN US
James Hand MBA Moorhead  MN US
Cheryl Melbye MSC Moorhead  MN US
Michael Seaberg BAS Cum Laude Moorhead  MN US
Megan Stoner BS Moorhead  MN US
Tiffany Swanson DPT Moorhead  MN US
Nicole Wear MPM Moorhead  MN US
Michelle Lanning DNP Nevis  MN US
Jessica Griebel BA Summa Cum Laude New Ulm  MN US
Kathleen Jackson BS Cum Laude Oakdale  MN US
Morgan Clements MSOT Osage  MN US
Jani Helm MSN Osakis  MN US
Mark Boyle BS Otsego  MN US
Julia Pearson BS Summa Cum Laude Ottertail  MN US
Shelby Nelson BSN Pelican Rapids  MN US
Caitlin Murray BS Cum Laude Pequot Lakes  MN US
Kathryn Howey MSOT Perham  MN US
Mitchell Kline MS Pine River  MN US
Isaac Saad BS Prior Lake  MN US
Katherine Loes BS Summa Cum Laude Ramsey  MN US
Dayton Johnson DPT Red Wing  MN US
Elizabeth Bruss BSN Magna Cum Laude Rochester  MN US
Melissa Bush MS Rochester  MN US
Monica Benda BS Cum Laude Rockville  MN US
Jonathan Pelach BS Sartell  MN US
Sarah Nelson MSC Sauk Centre  MN US
Erin Wanderscheid MBA Sauk Centre  MN US
Julitta Adu-Gyamfi MSN Shakopee  MN US
Kailey Seedorf BSN Shakopee  MN US
Therese Hinnenkamp DPT Shoreview  MN US
Sebastian Spencer BS Summa Cum Laude Shoreview  MN US
Heidi Bau BS Summa Cum Laude Slayton  MN US
Molly Helget BS Sleepy Eye  MN US
Carson Henry MED St. Charles  MN US
Mary Gorecki BA Magna Cum Laude St. Cloud  MN US
Charles Bielejeski BS St. Paul  MN US
Bailey Boraas MSOT St. Paul  MN US
Bridget Hobbs BS Summa Cum Laude St. Paul  MN US
Meriel La Force BA St. Paul  MN US
Roxanne Portner MBA St. Peter  MN US
Brandee Kuznia BSN Stephen  MN US
Andrea Gawarecki BS Cum Laude Stewartville  MN US
Lucas Oerter MED Tyler  MN US
Ryan Langer BS Summa Cum Laude Vadnais Heights  MN US
Cory Tumberg DPT Wadena  MN US
Rhonda Paradis MS Warroad  MN US
Elizabeth Mansfield BSN Magna Cum Laude Waseca  MN US
Mariah Woodring BA Cum Laude Wells  MN US
Julia Mak BS Cum Laude West St. Paul  MN US
Ernest Price BS Cum Laude White Bear Lake  MN US
Jennifer Regnier MSOT White Bear Lake  MN US
Paul Skogen BS Summa Cum Laude White Bear Lake  MN US
Julie Kidrowski DPT Willmar  MN US
Daniel Revier BS Winger  MN US
Ashley Stifter DPT Winsted  MN US
Shanna Stevenson BS Woodbury  MN US
Noah Huff BS Cum Laude Cape Girardeau  MO US
Dylan Thomas MBA Cape Girardeau  MO US
Kristin Barker MBA Gladstone  MO US
Kristin Barker MSN Gladstone  MO US
Raymond Strutzel MSOT Anaconda  MT US
Rochelle Botch MSOT Ballantine  MT US
Brianna Bell MSOT Billings  MT US
Wesley Burley BS Billings  MT US
Justin Cabrera MSOT Billings  MT US
Caylin Cathey BS Billings  MT US
Rachel Dahl BSN Cum Laude Billings  MT US
Michelle Dietz MSOT Billings  MT US
Danielle Gorton BSN Billings  MT US
Jacob Gosman MBA Billings  MT US
Lindsey Hafer MSOT Billings  MT US
Amanda Haithcox MSN Billings  MT US
Brenda Held BS Billings  MT US
Josephine Kautsky DPT Billings  MT US
Darcie Lujan MSOT Billings  MT US
Angela Malek MBA Billings  MT US
Kelly McLaughlin MS Billings  MT US
Joshua Obie BSN Magna Cum Laude Billings  MT US
Mary Pankratz MSN Billings  MT US
Elayna Rice MSOT Billings  MT US
Heather Safransky DNP Billings  MT US
Lisa Stevens MSN Billings  MT US
Brian Itoh MSOT Bozeman  MT US
Shannon Crable MSN Bridger  MT US
Dacia DeBock MSN Bridger  MT US
Kailey Foster MSOT Bridger  MT US
Denyse Morgan BSN Bridger  MT US
Alexis Larson BUS Brockway  MT US
Julie Phipps BA Summa Cum Laude Brusett  MT US
Kayla Jacobs DPT Chinook  MT US
Samantha Miller MSN Clancy  MT US
Danielle Banks BSN Cum Laude Columbus  MT US
Jake Capko DPT Corvallis  MT US
Margaret Ostby DPT Dagmar  MT US
Vicky Byrd MSN East Helena  MT US
Brent Fix BS Ekalaka  MT US
Katie Townsend MSOT Fairfield  MT US
Ashley Morast DPT Fallon  MT US
Madyson Klapmeier MSOT Forsyth  MT US
Kathleen McRae DPT Forsyth  MT US
Brandi Knierim DNP Glasgow  MT US
Alexa Hubbard MS Glendive  MT US
Joey Popiel BS Glendive  MT US
Meghan Kratofil MSOT Hamilton  MT US
Krista Gormely BSRT Helena  MT US
Michelle Smith MSN Helena  MT US
Sarina Aamold BS Cum Laude Hobson  MT US
Keri Cross MSN Huntley  MT US
Jesse Bennett MS Kalispell  MT US
Nolan Atchison MBA Lewistown  MT US
Amber Strouf DPT Lewistown  MT US
Michelle Cummings MSN Miles CIty  MT US
Kendall Makelky BS Miles City  MT US
Taran Zuelke BS Cum Laude Miles City  MT US
Elly Jones MSOT Missoula  MT US
Madison Sibley MSOT Nashua  MT US
Monica Henke BS Magna Cum Laude Park City  MT US
Vallie Thiel DNP Plentywood  MT US
Lexyn Walker DPT Plevna  MT US
Brianne Dandrea MSOT Worden  MT US
Stacy Dean MSN Worden  MT US
Aaron Catron MS Charlotte  NC US
Daniel Martin BS Cum Laude Clayton  NC US
Lynde Quirk BSN Adams  ND US
Kari Slominski BS Ardoch  ND US
Melissa Mehlhoff BS Arena  ND US
Nicole Ueckert MSN Argusville  ND US
Megan Holm BSN Arthur  ND US
Zachary Fischer BSN Ashley  ND US
Debbie Dietz MED Beach  ND US
Kayla Allery BSN Magna Cum Laude Belcourt  ND US
Michele Delorme MED Belcourt  ND US
Levi Gourneau MED Belcourt  ND US
Kellie Hall EDD Belcourt  ND US
Tanya Houle MED Belcourt  ND US
Caitlin Johnson MED Belcourt  ND US
Brady Parisien MED Belcourt  ND US
Jesse Parisien MPA Belcourt  ND US
Vicky Parisien MED Belcourt  ND US
Jessica Poitra MED Belcourt  ND US
Janice SanGrait MSN Belcourt  ND US
Lisa St Germaine MED Belcourt  ND US
Frankie Wilkie MED Belcourt  ND US
Mikaela Long MED Berlin  ND US
Nicole Martin BS Beulah  ND US
Courtney Albrecht BS Bismarck  ND US
Maggie Alexander MED Bismarck  ND US
Kallie Anderson BSN Bismarck  ND US
Sarah Andrews BS Bismarck  ND US
Saje Backman MSOT Bismarck  ND US
Tate Barnhardt BS Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Jaci Barron BS Bismarck  ND US
Jennifer Bearstail MED Bismarck  ND US
Olivia Becker MED Bismarck  ND US
Michael Berger DPT Bismarck  ND US
Teha Bina MED Bismarck  ND US
Erica Binegar BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Nash Binegar BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Victoria Birnbaum BS Bismarck  ND US
Hayley Bortke BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Jeremy Brick BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Nathan Briggs BS Bismarck  ND US
Shania Brooks BAN Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
McKenzie Brucker MBA Bismarck  ND US
Robyn Buchholz BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Deborah Cave DNP Bismarck  ND US
Christina Colon MSC Bismarck  ND US
Shannon Coulter MPM Bismarck  ND US
Keith Cramer MS Bismarck  ND US
Carissa Craven BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Judith Daniels MPA Bismarck  ND US
Bradley Davison BS Bismarck  ND US
Curtis DeGraw MSC Bismarck  ND US
Kristen Dewald MED Bismarck  ND US
Anne Dinneen BS Bismarck  ND US
Abby DuBord BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Krystal Eberle MBA Bismarck  ND US
Nicole Everitt BSN Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Erika Fagerstrom MSOT Bismarck  ND US
Raquel Fischer EDD Bismarck  ND US
Jenna Flynn MSN Bismarck  ND US
Lauren Folmer BS Bismarck  ND US
Coleton Ford BS Bismarck  ND US
Teddi Frank BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Miranda Grayson MS Bismarck  ND US
Jeffrey Gustafson MBA Bismarck  ND US
Tawney Hager BS Bismarck  ND US
Andrew Hartman BS Bismarck  ND US
Jesse Hauff BS Bismarck  ND US
Christopher Hegel BS Bismarck  ND US
Jayme Heick MBA Bismarck  ND US
Erin Heidrich BS Bismarck  ND US
Morgan Heier BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Teri Heinen MSOT Bismarck  ND US
Breck Hendrickson BS Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Derrick Hertz MBA Bismarck  ND US
Jenna Herzig MS Bismarck  ND US
Molly Hilzendeger DNP Bismarck  ND US
Kaitlyn Hoff BS Bismarck  ND US
Rebecca Holmstrom MSN Bismarck  ND US
Nikolas Holweger BA Bismarck  ND US
Dallas Horner BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Nicole Hovland MED Bismarck  ND US
Meghan Huber DPT Bismarck  ND US
George Huff BS Bismarck  ND US
Nathan Humann BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Patrick Jacob BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Briana Jeanotte BSN Bismarck  ND US
Caleb Johnson BS Bismarck  ND US
Laura Johnson BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Rhonda Jolliffe DNP Bismarck  ND US
Christopher Jorritsma BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Jordyn Jossart BS Bismarck  ND US
Betsy Kanz MSN Bismarck  ND US
Stephanie Keller MSN Bismarck  ND US
Daniel Kendall DNP Bismarck  ND US
Paige Kihle BS Bismarck  ND US
Kathy Kirschman BUS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Hallie Knuth MSOT Bismarck  ND US
Amber Kraft BS Bismarck  ND US
Christopher Kraft BA Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Elise Kraft BS Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Valerie Kuntz MED Bismarck  ND US
Kellie Kvislen MSOT Bismarck  ND US
Sean Lackner MBA Bismarck  ND US
Brooke Larson DPT Bismarck  ND US
Eileen Larson MED Bismarck  ND US
Kari Leet BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Colette Leingang MSN Bismarck  ND US
Brandon Lemer MED Bismarck  ND US
Selina Lin BS Bismarck  ND US
William Litchfield BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Joni Little Owl BS Bismarck  ND US
Seth Losos BS Bismarck  ND US
Amanda Love MSC Bismarck  ND US
Rachel Macdonald BS Bismarck  ND US
Kenzie Markwardt BS Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Torina McConnachie MSC Bismarck  ND US
Nathaniel McDonough BSN Bismarck  ND US
Jan Merkel MS Bismarck  ND US
Shaunna Messmer DPT Bismarck  ND US
Ashley Messner MED Bismarck  ND US
Klint Miller MBA Bismarck  ND US
Jaron Morman BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Jessica Neibauer MSN Bismarck  ND US
Victoria Ngatia BS Bismarck  ND US
Duong Nguyen BUS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
McKinzie Nuss DNP Bismarck  ND US
Brandi Oerter BSN Bismarck  ND US
Jaren Olson BS Bismarck  ND US
Trevor Opp BS Bismarck  ND US
Taylor Patch BS Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Taylor Petersen BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Kacey Peterson BS Bismarck  ND US
Adam Pfeifer BS Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Aaron Ramsdell MBA Bismarck  ND US
Kayli Richards MS Bismarck  ND US
Stephen Richardson BS Bismarck  ND US
Samantha Richter BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Christopher Riedman BA Bismarck  ND US
Cheryl Rising DNP Bismarck  ND US
Kimberly Ritter MED Bismarck  ND US
Layn Sabot MSC Bismarck  ND US
Kayla Sailer BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Nyamkhorol Sainbat MPM Bismarck  ND US
Justin Sauer MED Bismarck  ND US
Daniel Schaaf Gallagher MBA Bismarck  ND US
Katelyn Schaffner BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Tammy Schalesky MBA Bismarck  ND US
Tammy Schalesky MS Bismarck  ND US
Courtney Schaner MSC Bismarck  ND US
Kiki Schatz MED Bismarck  ND US
Emily Schmid BS Bismarck  ND US
Austin Schmidt DPT Bismarck  ND US
Brittney Schmit BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Heidi Shimek BSN Bismarck  ND US
Kayzanne Sibla BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Taryn Small BSN Bismarck  ND US
Jessica Smith EDD Bismarck  ND US
Christine Stavn BS Bismarck  ND US
Anne Storick BA Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Courtney Stradinger BSN Bismarck  ND US
Sonia Takacs DNP Bismarck  ND US
Charles Tarnasky MSRT Bismarck  ND US
Brooks Thorson DNP Bismarck  ND US
Jamie Thorson MBA Bismarck  ND US
Justin Thorson MBA Bismarck  ND US
Alexis Tibor MS Bismarck  ND US
Kellen Tibor MED Bismarck  ND US
Lindsae Timm BSN Bismarck  ND US
Jamie Torgerson BS Magna Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Michael Ulmen MED Bismarck  ND US
Tara Vander Laan MS Bismarck  ND US
Tiffany Vetter BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Emilie Voeller BS Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Joseph Volk MBA Bismarck  ND US
Amber Wald BSN Bismarck  ND US
Katie Wald BA Summa Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
JulieAnne Walter MSN Bismarck  ND US
Michelle Wanek BS Bismarck  ND US
Mikaila Wax MSC Bismarck  ND US
Eric Weigel DNP Bismarck  ND US
Michaela Weltz BS Bismarck  ND US
Justin Wendland BS Cum Laude Bismarck  ND US
Dexter Werner MBA Bismarck  ND US
Tayler Wescom BS Bismarck  ND US
Melissa White Temple MS Bismarck  ND US
Ashley Willis BS Bismarck  ND US
Eric Winiger BUS Bismarck  ND US
Joshua Wood BS Bismarck  ND US
Carrie Ziegler MED Bismarck  ND US
Danielle Azure BS Bottineau  ND US
Felicia Haseleu MED Bottineau  ND US
Brenda Kittleson MED Bottineau  ND US
Tylor Olson BS Summa Cum Laude Bottineau  ND US
Alyssa Bruer MS Bowdon  ND US
Hector Chavez BS Magna Cum Laude Bowman  ND US
Brandon Hoggarth MS Bowman  ND US
Cora Nasset MED Bowman  ND US
Christine David BS Cum Laude Cando  ND US
Jenna Hershberger MSC Carrington  ND US
Tyler Reisenauer BS Carrington  ND US
Hannah Diehl BA Summa Cum Laude Carson  ND US
Carly Ruscheinsky DPT Carson  ND US
Nicole Hushka BUS Cum Laude Casselton  ND US
Sadie Hillis MBA Cavalier  ND US
Haley Roberts BA Cavalier  ND US
Jessie Thebeau BSN Cavalier  ND US
Stephanie Clarys MBA Center  ND US
Haley Israelson MBA Christine  ND US
Joshua Gapp BS Magna Cum Laude Clifford  ND US
April Roberge MBA Cooperstown  ND US
Carrie Lewis MSN Crosby  ND US
Hannah Grebel Pesek BS Cum Laude Devils Lake  ND US
Jessica Kurtz BSN Magna Cum Laude Devils Lake  ND US
Nathaniel Leiphon BSN Magna Cum Laude Devils Lake  ND US
Angela Ruud BS Devils Lake  ND US
Amanda Schwan MS Devils Lake  ND US
Audrey Charchenko DNP Dickinson  ND US
Kathleen Geisen MED Dickinson  ND US
Breanna Holgard BS Dickinson  ND US
Elise Howard BSN Dickinson  ND US
Jamie Koffler MSN Dickinson  ND US
Katelynn Kostelecky DPT Dickinson  ND US
Jacquelyn Lindsey MS Dickinson  ND US
Kellie Marsh BS Magna Cum Laude Dickinson  ND US
Ali Moody MSC Dickinson  ND US
Alanna Sickler BS Dickinson  ND US
Rachael Sisson MED Dickinson  ND US
Suzanne Sobolik MS Dickinson  ND US
Sonya Anderson MSN Dunseith  ND US
Carly Hands BS Elgin  ND US
Anthony Hsu MED Elgin  ND US
Karyn Releford MBA Elgin  ND US
Kaylee Tollerud BS Summa Cum Laude Esmond  ND US
Audrey Aberle BS Fargo  ND US
Amy Albrecht MED Fargo  ND US
Lindsey Alomran MSC Fargo  ND US
Elizabeth Anderson BS Fargo  ND US
Stacey Arntson MSC Fargo  ND US
Christopher Austinson MS Fargo  ND US
Abby Bauer BSN Fargo  ND US
Marissa Byrne BSN Cum Laude Fargo  ND US
Jayson Clairmont MBA Fargo  ND US
John Debernardeaux BSN Summa Cum Laude Fargo  ND US
Alyssa Dehne MBA Fargo  ND US
Dana Eaton DNP Fargo  ND US
Russ Eicholtz MBA Fargo  ND US
Chris Eisenbeisz MS Fargo  ND US
Ryan Englund BSN Fargo  ND US
Sarah Floyd MED Fargo  ND US
Jordan Gleason MBA Fargo  ND US
Joshua Hagelstrom MBA Fargo  ND US
Elizabeth Henschel MSC Fargo  ND US
Leann Hermann MBA Fargo  ND US
Jeremy Jensen BS Fargo  ND US
Kaitlyn Kidder BA Summa Cum Laude Fargo  ND US
Kaitlyn Kidder BS Summa Cum Laude Fargo  ND US
Nicholas Kindelspire MS Fargo  ND US
Mary Klabo MBA Fargo  ND US
Mahawa Kpaka MS Fargo  ND US
Branden Krieger MED Fargo  ND US
Vishwajith Kuruppu MBA Fargo  ND US
Michelle Kuznia MSC Fargo  ND US
Robert Light MS Fargo  ND US
Stacey Lockwood BS Fargo  ND US
Delaine Lutz MED Fargo  ND US
Alexa Mairs MED Fargo  ND US
Cory Marcuson BS Fargo  ND US
Michael McMullen MSC Fargo  ND US
Lisa Nelson BS Fargo  ND US
Katelyn Olson MSOT Fargo  ND US
Jessica Reier MBA Fargo  ND US
Denise Scufsa MS Fargo  ND US
Amber Severson MPM Fargo  ND US
Patrick Sommer MPA Fargo  ND US
Theresa Tandeski MSN Fargo  ND US
Evelyn Telford MSN Fargo  ND US
Natalie Thompson MSN Fargo  ND US
Michelle Thyne BS Fargo  ND US
Krysta Turman Eicholtz MS Fargo  ND US
Theresa Vogel BS Cum Laude Fargo  ND US
Wendy Walton BSN Cum Laude Fargo  ND US
Leah Wuebben MBA Fargo  ND US
Claire Wurzer BS Summa Cum Laude Fargo  ND US
Lauren Young MBA Fargo  ND US
Vicki Zarling BS Fargo  ND US
Christy Karch MED Flasher  ND US
Vicki Lamb BS Fort Ransom  ND US
Mariah Foote BS Cum Laude Fort Totten  ND US
Vanessa Thomas MS Fort Totten  ND US
Annette Beyer MED Fort Yates  ND US
Tiegan Irion BS Cum Laude Fredonia  ND US
Aja Baker MBA Ft. Berthold  ND US
Catlin Kinden BS Garrison  ND US
Cayli Kolden BUS Garrison  ND US
Sarah Barnard MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Alex Baskerville BSN Grand Forks  ND US
Spencer Bauer MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Samantha Behm BS Cum Laude Grand Forks  ND US
Jay Bigornia MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Jarod Cappon MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Jill Cormier MPA Grand Forks  ND US
Kathryn Harrington MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Hannah Hathaway MSN Grand Forks  ND US
Lorelei Jorgenson BS Grand Forks  ND US
Konstantin Kapustin MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Anthony Mangino MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Dominic Mangino MS Grand Forks  ND US
Michael Mangino MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Hannah Modeen BS Grand Forks  ND US
Ashley Monreal BS Grand Forks  ND US
Elizabeth Netz BS Magna Cum Laude Grand Forks  ND US
Jakoby Ripplinger MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Michael Rood MED Grand Forks  ND US
Dawn Smith MBA Grand Forks  ND US
Ryan Sobolik BS Grand Forks  ND US
Sysavanh Hansana BUS Gwinner  ND US
Andrew Hulm BS Hague  ND US
Sadie Dale DPT Halliday  ND US
Katelyn Nordby BS Harvey  ND US
Santana Schneider BS Cum Laude Harvey  ND US
Krystal Susag BS Harvey  ND US
Kayla Moore MBA Harwood  ND US
Pamela Thol BS Magna Cum Laude Havana  ND US
Christopher Erickson MPA Hazelton  ND US
Amanda Brown BSN Hazen  ND US
Erin Delger BS Summa Cum Laude Hazen  ND US
Connor Doll BS Cum Laude Hazen  ND US
Monica Goetz DNP Hazen  ND US
Madison Leintz BS Magna Cum Laude Hazen  ND US
Rory Olson BS Hazen  ND US
Crystal Huisman BS Hettinger  ND US
McKinsey Jahner BS Summa Cum Laude Hettinger  ND US
Ethan Mueller BS Hillsboro  ND US
Andrew Nathan MBA Hillsboro  ND US
Emily Dahl MED Hunter  ND US
Jadee Lange BS Cum Laude Jamestown  ND US
LaRissa Schlecht BS Cum Laude Jamestown  ND US
Brandon Stoddart BS Jamestown  ND US
Jessica Vandal BS Summa Cum Laude Jamestown  ND US
Jane Dukart BS Killdeer  ND US
Katherine McFadden BA Killdeer  ND US
Lacey Bergh MS Kindred  ND US
Shaina Weigel BS Magna Cum Laude Kintyre  ND US
Daniel Kusler MBA Kulm  ND US
Courtney Caron BSRT Magna Cum Laude Lakota  ND US
Casey Sailer DPT LaMoure  ND US
Hope Bodnar BS Cum Laude Langdon  ND US
Michelle Earl BSRT Larimore  ND US
Carly Tufte BUS Leeds  ND US
Chelsy Adams BS Lincoln  ND US
Marina Lula BS Cum Laude Lincoln  ND US
Brittney Jacob BS Linton  ND US
Kaitlyn Nieuwsma BS Linton  ND US
Michael Schirado MED Linton  ND US
Amber Umber BSN Linton  ND US
Nicole McRitchie MSOT Lisbon  ND US
Abbey Meyer BSN Lisbon  ND US
Mya Erickson MSN Maddock  ND US
Paige Anderson BS Magna Cum Laude Mandan  ND US
Kayla Axtman MBA Mandan  ND US
Kyle Boger MBA Mandan  ND US
Orrin Burch BA Summa Cum Laude Mandan  ND US
Balynda Casey MS Mandan  ND US
Kennedy Cupido BS Mandan  ND US
Austin Duppong BS Mandan  ND US
Randall Ehlis MPM Mandan  ND US
Brayden Hanson BS Mandan  ND US
Sheila Heinert DNP Mandan  ND US
Shariah Johnson BS Magna Cum Laude Mandan  ND US
Erica Jung BS Mandan  ND US
Heather Kalsow MSN Mandan  ND US
Kennedi Kautzman MSOT Mandan  ND US
Karlee Kautzmann BSN Cum Laude Mandan  ND US
Darin Kenney BS Mandan  ND US
Kaitlyn Kipp BS Mandan  ND US
Madison Klatt DPT Mandan  ND US
Sarah Kovash BS Cum Laude Mandan  ND US
Monica Kuether DPT Mandan  ND US
Aaron LaBree BS Cum Laude Mandan  ND US
Joseph Larson BS Mandan  ND US
Samantha Leingang MSOT Mandan  ND US
Sarah Leingang DNP Mandan  ND US
Nicole Miller BS Mandan  ND US
Nicole Montieth BS Mandan  ND US
Amber Morrell BS Cum Laude Mandan  ND US
Ryan Peters BS Mandan  ND US
Maisie Poitra BS Mandan  ND US
Heather Ripplinger BS Mandan  ND US
Kaitlyn Schelske BS Mandan  ND US
Jerri Stramer DNP Mandan  ND US
Tessa Walking Elk MBA Mandan  ND US
Seth Westby MBA Mandan  ND US
Tasha Piehl MBA Marion  ND US
Megan Evans BS Magna Cum Laude Mayville  ND US
Megan Germundson DNP Mayville  ND US
Dana Erickson BS Milnor  ND US
Courtney Aarseth BA Cum Laude Minot  ND US
Jeremy Almond MBA Minot  ND US
Brieann Backes BS Cum Laude Minot  ND US
Gabrielle Bohl BS Cum Laude Minot  ND US
Ivy Brown BS Minot  ND US
Tabetha Buechler BSN Minot  ND US
Brenda Buri MBA Minot  ND US
Taylor Chavez DPT Minot  ND US
Rachel Dancer DNP Minot  ND US
Erica Klabunde MED Minot  ND US
Jasmine Ludwig BS Minot  ND US
Mason Merck BS Summa Cum Laude Minot  ND US
Teegan Olson BS Minot  ND US
Charles Panzer MS Minot  ND US
Margarita Panzer MS Minot  ND US
Katrin Seideman BS Minot  ND US
Megan Storbeck MSC Minot  ND US
Audrey Turner MS Minot  ND US
Alicia Vaudt DNP Minot  ND US
Erin Youngblood MSN Minot  ND US
Lisa Dooley EDD Minot AFB  ND US
Shantel Herner BS Summa Cum Laude Mott  ND US
Shenille Lillejord MBA Napoleon  ND US
Brittany Regner BS Cum Laude Napoleon  ND US
Kristi Madler BUS New England  ND US
Holly Gaugler BSN Cum Laude New Leipzig  ND US
Trisha Kutz BS New Rockford  ND US
Ashley Becker BS New Salem  ND US
Krista Kreidt BS Magna Cum Laude New Salem  ND US
McKenzie Kuhn BS Summa Cum Laude New Salem  ND US
Gwendolyn Davis BSN New Town  ND US
Mitchell Reese BS New Town  ND US
Amy Heim DNP Oakes  ND US
Amanda Schrenk MS Oriska  ND US
Emily Yoney BSN Petersburg  ND US
Lyndsi Klundt DPT Pingree  ND US
Sierra Perdue BS Ray  ND US
Adam Bohn BS Summa Cum Laude Richardton  ND US
Jessica Rush MED Rolla  ND US
Lauren Kraft BS Cum Laude Rugby  ND US
Kelli Swenson MPM Sanborn  ND US
Brinley Norton BSRT Scranton  ND US
Erin Graden MBA Sherwood  ND US
Jordan Crissler BSN St. John  ND US
Chantel Desjarlais MED St. John  ND US
Samantha Gourd MED St. Michael  ND US
ReeAnn Mehus DPT Stanley  ND US
Destiny Chapman BSN Stanton  ND US
Haley Krueger MED Sterling  ND US
Katie Baumgartner BS Strasburg  ND US
Brooke Scherr MSOT Strasburg  ND US
Tanya Taplin BS Strasburg  ND US
Emberly Martinez BUS Tappen  ND US
Emily Tyrrell BS Summa Cum Laude Taylor  ND US
Brook Fretheim BSN Thompson  ND US
Andrew Sorbo MBA Thompson  ND US
Ashley Bland BSN Cum Laude Tioga  ND US
Ryan Nielsen BS Tioga  ND US
Cassidy Freeman BSN Turtle Lake  ND US
Rachel Hanson BS Turtle Lake  ND US
Sabrina Laframboise MSOT Turtle Lake  ND US
Jordyn Singer MSC Turtle Lake  ND US
Mariah Sondrol MED Turtle Lake  ND US
Joshua Mower MS Valley City  ND US
Ally Nelson DPT Velva  ND US
Shaun Barth BS Magna Cum Laude Wahpeton  ND US
Allison Kipp BA Cum Laude Wahpeton  ND US
Allison Kipp BSRT Cum Laude Wahpeton  ND US
Carly Freeman BS Washburn  ND US
Anne Hansen MS Washburn  ND US
Jeffrey Rasmussen BS Magna Cum Laude Washburn  ND US
Kordae Hartel BS Magna Cum Laude Watford City  ND US
Casey Jore MED Watford City  ND US
Ricki Lindley BS Cum Laude Watford City  ND US
Kent McDougall BS Watford City  ND US
Taylor Breidenbach MSOT West Fargo  ND US
Ally Carson BS Summa Cum Laude West Fargo  ND US
Ryan Cossette BS West Fargo  ND US
Kyla DuBord MS West Fargo  ND US
Abigail Dusek BA Cum Laude West Fargo  ND US
Erin Gabel MPA West Fargo  ND US
Angela Hagen MPM West Fargo  ND US
Mohammad Iqbal MS West Fargo  ND US
Aric Kaczmarski BS West Fargo  ND US
Kara Kelly BS Cum Laude West Fargo  ND US
Melodi Krank MSN West Fargo  ND US
Elysia Libbrecht MED West Fargo  ND US
Nichoel Lorenz MBA West Fargo  ND US
Heather Perez MSN West Fargo  ND US
Lisa Ribbing MS West Fargo  ND US
Tracy Sanger BS West Fargo  ND US
Cailin Shovkoplyas MBA West Fargo  ND US
Aaron Smith BSN West Fargo  ND US
Iman Moore MBA White Shield  ND US
Jeni Baustad BSN Cum Laude Williston  ND US
Stacey Flotre BS Summa Cum Laude Williston  ND US
Elizabeth Haaland BS Cum Laude Williston  ND US
Amber Johnson BSN Williston  ND US
Emily Lysne BA Summa Cum Laude Williston  ND US
Julie Quamme MED Williston  ND US
Sarah Wentz BSN Williston  ND US
Robert Boelz BSN Cum Laude Wilton  ND US
Cody Bohl MED Wilton  ND US
LeAnn Ochsner MS Wilton  ND US
Kristy Johnson DPT Wishek  ND US
Hannah Meier BS Summa Cum Laude Zeeland  ND US
Daniel Mettler MED Lincoln  NE US
Heather Gunderson MSOT Omaha  NE US
Margaret Shonsey BS Magna Cum Laude Omaha  NE US
Michael Oluh MBA Lagos  Nigeria US
Kevin Walsh MED Magnolia  NJ US
Frances Whitman BS Wenonah  NJ US
Lydale Yazzie MBA Shiprock  NM US
Donald Ruberio BUS Las Vegas  NV US
Arian Wiesen MSOT Las Vegas  NV US
Emily Byrne BSN Cum Laude Reno  NV US
Carter McGowan MS Mineola  NY US
Christopher Doane MED Ovid  NY US
Kirsten Dickhut MED Syracuse  NY US
Bradley Stinson MBA Sabina  OH US
Gregory Strong BS Magna Cum Laude Twinsburg  OH US
Emily Schaefer BA Valley City  OH US
Hannah Grebner BSN Cum Laude Albany  OR US
Anne Phan MSOT Hillsboro  OR US
Natalie Campbell BSN McMinnville  OR US
Joshua Guyer DPT Portland  OR US
Cindy Kim DPT Portland  OR US
Adam Larsen MS Cresco  PA US
Thomas Shakely MS Philadelphia  PA US
Jean Cruz BS San Juan  PR US
Kieran McInnis BS Hope  RI US
Maria Bolibruch BSRT Jamestown  RI US
Jordan Jones BS Lexington  SC US
Collin Hilzendeger BS Aberdeen  SD US
Maisie Muller BS Cum Laude Aberdeen  SD US
Kaitlyn Randall MSN Aberdeen  SD US
Spencer Schaefbauer BS Cum Laude Aberdeen  SD US
Hailey Hilzendeger BSRT Cum Laude Avon  SD US
Robyn Rentschler MSN Beresford  SD US
Ashley Haflett MS Brandon  SD US
Sarah Prenger MSN Brandon  SD US
Harley Mollman BS Cum Laude Buffalo  SD US
Caitlin Cordell MSOT Camp Crook  SD US
Jamie Finstad MBA Clark  SD US
Zachary Geraets BS Cum Laude Dell Rapids  SD US
Jesse Weber BS Summa Cum Laude Eureka  SD US
Mary Schumacher MSN Hermosa  SD US
Brogan Kary BS Herreid  SD US
Saige Sandve MSC Huron  SD US
Bobbi Froelich DPT Lemmon  SD US
Josephine Defender MED McLaughlin  SD US
Kirstin Borge BS Magna Cum Laude Mellette  SD US
Erica Weidner MS Mitchell  SD US
Jason Hill BS Mobridge  SD US
Drew Svihovec BS Mobridge  SD US
Kylee Wagner BS Cum Laude Mobridge  SD US
Tia Baumberger BS Summa Cum Laude Morristown  SD US
Cheyenne Quinn MBA Piedmont  SD US
Katie Berg BS Cum Laude Pierre  SD US
Austin Lemieux MSRT Pierre  SD US
Lori Aberle MBA Rapid City  SD US
Lori Aberle MSN Rapid City  SD US
Eric Drake DPT Rapid City  SD US
Katie Kusser DPT Rapid City  SD US
John Lang BA Magna Cum Laude Rapid City  SD US
Wade Pavlicek MBA Rapid City  SD US
Kelli Ramsey-Gunn BSN Rapid City  SD US
Sarah Rapp BSN Rapid City  SD US
Myranda Robinson MED Rapid City  SD US
Daniel Sandvig MBA Rapid City  SD US
Steven Schipke MBA Rapid City  SD US
Hermela Bekele MBA Sioux Falls  SD US
Maralee Jones MBA Sioux Falls  SD US
Maralee Jones MSN Sioux Falls  SD US
Karla Nygren MBA Sioux Falls  SD US
Karla Nygren MSN Sioux Falls  SD US
Elizabeth Ostrom MSN Sioux Falls  SD US
Austen Paluch BA Sioux Falls  SD US
Anne Rowles BS Magna Cum Laude Sioux Falls  SD US
Tyrell Rosencranz BS Spearfish  SD US
Kali Aberle DNP Trail City  SD US
Holly Jensen MSN Wakonda  SD US
Elizabeth Barker MS Whitewood  SD US
Kyal Williams MS Adelaide  South Australia US
Alberto Albertos Asencio BS Alicante  Spain US
Lisa Swardh BS Karlskrona  Sweden US
Courtney Hartleib MED Clarksville  TN US
Dasia Turner MBA Beaumont  TX US
Zachary Blaszak MED Bryan  TX US
Joe Uribe BS Cum Laude Corpus Christi  TX US
Clair Gannon DPT Dallas  TX US
Samantha Ramirez DPT Dallas  TX US
Courtney Burns MS Fort Worth  TX US
Jonathan Marshall BS Summa Cum Laude Fort Worth  TX US
Ewen Tesot MBA Harker Heights  TX US
Austin Lucero BUS Hereford  TX US
Kaitlyn Gulick BSN Houston  TX US
Amy Solomon MSN Pottsboro  TX US
Lawrence Biedenharn MS San Antonio  TX US
Jacob Green BS The Colony  TX US
Jordan Green BS The Colony  TX US
Colton Farmer BS The Woodlands  TX US
Jo Perkins DPT Tyler  TX US
Jadon Thomas BSN Alexandria  VA US
Elizabeth Leier MBA Centreville  VA US
Rebecca Starr MSOT Montpelier  VT US
Jordan Brown MS Bellingham  WA US
Sophie Reynolds MSOT Bothell  WA US
Sawyer Kluge BS Bremerton  WA US
Mykala Benjamin MS Kent  WA US
Gregory Schmidt MPA Puyallup  WA US
Jacob Emery MBA Seattle  WA US
Devon Hall MED Seattle  WA US
Dat Mao DPT Seattle  WA US
Kyle Ratuiste MS Spokane  WA US
Juliana Gagliardi BA Magna Cum Laude Tacoma  WA US
Obinna Nnadi MSOT Tacoma  WA US
Joseph Sarpong MS Tacoma  WA US
Christina Winterburn-Cassavant DPT Tacoma  WA US
Isabel Schmelzer BA Summa Cum Laude Baraboo  WI US
Steven Bye MBA Chippewa Falls  WI US
John Shakal BA Summa Cum Laude Chippewa Falls  WI US
Melissa Ringwell BS Summa Cum Laude Fond du Lac  WI US
Tyler Lang DPT Greenfield  WI US
Gabrielle Yank MSC Hubertus  WI US
Meghan Rudquist BS Hudson  WI US
Megan Karczewski BA Magna Cum Laude Johnson Creek  WI US
Stephanie Wille MED Madison  WI US
Nicholas Waddell BA Cum Laude New Berlin  WI US
Jordan Bergmann BS Cum Laude Pepin  WI US
Jessica Derks BA Cum Laude Pewaukee  WI US
Tanesha Struebing BS Racine  WI US
August Taylor BS Cum Laude Sturgeon Bay  WI US
Arne Nyeck Nyeck MBA Superior  WI US
Erica Duerst MSOT Waterford  WI US
Rebekah Layher BSN Summa Cum Laude Douglas  WY US
Jeffery Kaus MS Fort Laramie  WY US
Angela Carter BUS Gillette  WY US
Allison Erickson BS Cum Laude Gillette  WY US
Michelle McGeary MS Gillette  WY US
Derek Myers BS Cum Laude Gillette  WY US
Nathan Phillips BS Gillette  WY US
Courtney Goodnough DNP Newcastle  WY US
Valorie Brown MSN Rawlins  WY US
Kelsey Vaughn BS Cum Laude Wheatland  WY US
Kylie Pastian BS Summa Cum Laude Hillsboro ND US
Balsam Toshi BS Iraq US