Boston College Professor Dr. Peter Kreeft, regarded as one of the great writers and philosophers of our age, gives two public presentations on Thursday, June 22

BISMARCK, ND — A big name deserves a big stage. That’s why the University of Mary’s new and innovative Year-Round Campus, the only program of its kind in the United States, welcomes Dr. Peter Kreeft, one of the world’s premier Catholic philosophers who writes and speaks on an extraordinarily broad range of topics and who can communicate effectively with an enormously wide audience of readers—from philosophy, ethics and religion to literature, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein and—surfing.

“People all around the world see Professor Kreeft as the go-to person for answers about the relevance and reasonableness of Christian faith,” stated Dr. Peter Huff, director of the Saint John Paul II Center for University Ministry and professor of theology at the University of Mary. “His time with us this summer showcases the expansion of our mission with the Year-Round Campus initiative. At Mary, our students confront great questions on a campus well known for its view of limitless horizons—especially in the long daylight of a prairie summer. A few hours with Dr. Kreeft will spark a lifelong love affair with the light of truth.”

This event, Thursday, June 22, 2017, inside Butler Auditorium at the Gary Tharaldson School of Business, is free and open to the public, students and media as part of the University of Mary’s unprecedented Year-Round Campus program. Kreeft’s first talk from 2:30 p.m. until 4 p.m., entitled “Catholics and Protestants Learning from Each Other,” is a discussion of Kreeft’s recent book. That evening from 7:30 p.m. until 9 p.m., he gives another public presentation entitled “A Conscience for All Seasons,” in honor of St. Thomas More.

Kreeft has become a major literary force in the world of English-language Catholic apologetics after receiving his PhD in philosophy from Fordham University. He has authored over 70 books, including classics such as the best-selling “Handbook of Christian Apologetics” and its latest edition, “Handbook of Apologetics, Fundamentals of the Faith (co-authored with Fr. Ronald Tacelli, S.J.), “Yes or No: Answers to Tough Questions About Christianity,” and “How to Win the Culture War.” Kreeft, a professor of philosophy at Boston College, has influenced countless Christians and non-Christians globally about the existence of God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Kreeft credits Pope Saint John Paul II as one of the most ecumenical popes in history, and cites specifically his encyclical “That They May All Be One,” (Ut Unum Sint) as proof.

“He says that the ecumenical movement, the demand for reunification of the Church without compromise is an essential dimension of the gospel. It’s not an extra,” explained Kreeft in part two of his article on his conversion to Catholicism for the Catholic Education Resource Center (CERC). “It’s as important as the social gospel. You can’t be a full Christian unless you love the poor. You can’t be a full Christian unless you want, and seek for, reunion. But how can that be done without compromise? And you can’t compromise truth. And each side, which seems to contradict each other, believes that they have the truth.”